Earlier this month, my trekking group of half a dozen friends headed to Uttarakhand to climb Pangarchulla Peak. Sitting at 14,700 ft it is considered to be a moderate trek. After my climbing group summited the difficult Pin Parvati Peak (17,500 ft) last year we decided to take it easy this year. We were joined by 9 other trekkers on the

On becoming a legend Becoming a legend is about becoming seriousNot serious enough to do the workBut serious enough to explore the truth. Serious enough to abandon hopeSerious enough to abandon all strivingSerious enough to arrive before one arrives. A legend becomes a legend before he becomes a legend. On Success Man is not comfortable unless he invents struggleOf all the

There are 4 building blocks that add value to Berkshire: sizeable stand alone acquisitions bolt-on acquisitions that fit with existing businesses internal sales growth and margin improvement of varied businesses investment earning from huge portfolio of stocks and bonds Don’t ask a barber whether you need a haircut If the historical performance of a target

Authors Note Answer to just about every question about work is “who can you help?” Best ideas aren’t embraced instantly. Because they require significant change. Your most generous and insightful work needs help finding the people its meant to serve. And your most successful work will spread because you designed it to. Your story has